A Walk On The Wild Side

Ha ha! The title seems to be a bit misleading now that I’ve started writing this post. The Special One and I went out for a meal for the second time since Baby Girl was born 17 months ago. This happened thanks to our wonderful niece who offered to come over and babysit. To celebrate this occasion, I decided to buy red lipstick. IΒ hardly everΒ wear make-up so to wear red lipstick really was a bit risquΓ© for me.

During a long break between classes, I strolled over to Selfridges and after walking around the make-up counters, I decided to wait in line at MAC and get someone to help me choose the right colour. One of my favourite bloggers, Girl With Curves, published a post listing her favourite lipsticks so I already knew that MAC was a pretty good option and that I’d find something there. It was a long wait but eventually I found one that I liked. The first one I tried was Ruby Woo but when I applied it I really felt like I was pulling my lips so much that they’d split (or something like that). The next one was a winner – Russian Red. I didn’t feel like a teacher anymore, I felt…movie star-ish. I walked out of Selfridges with my head held high and a smile on my face. Who knew that lipstick could make you feel so good?

When I got back to school I received 5 separate compliments about the colour and how well it suited me. Yeah baby! Kinda makes me want to go out and add to my lipstick collection.

Of course I had to take some pics! Promise not to laugh…

MAC Russian Red
MAC Russian Red

What do you think? Do you have a lipstick that makes you feel amazing?

Thanks for reading x


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