The Quest To Do Better

I’m on my way back from completing an English course with a group of Russian young learners. This post has nothing to do with that though but I’ve written it so it’s staying. This post is about me knowing what I have to do regarding nutrition (LCHF/Banting) & lifestyle and yet still failing to do it.

For example, today, I felt hungry because I didn’t prepare lunch so I ‘treated’ myself to a ham & cheese toasted sandwich. Oh yeah, and a hot chocolate as well! W.T.F, right? I don’t know why I didn’t go for a more LCHF friendly option. Instead, I went for the cheap and cheerful option. Now I feel bad for having eaten ‘badly’.

Guess I need to give myself a pep talk. Here goes… “Stop feeling bad woman. Don’t punish yourself. You don’t have to be prefect. Make better decisions next time and prepare, prepare, prepare!”

Thanks for reading x


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