CELTA – The Result

I finished the course on Friday and was expecting to receive results in the post on Saturday as UK mail is pretty quick IF items are posted first class. There was nothing in the postbox on Saturday and nothing on Monday either. I was really sad – I waited for the postman on both days. By Tuesday I wasn’t as anxious and when Baby Girl and I were coming home from being out, I decided to check if there was anything in the post…and there was! Two envelopes…one was going to have my results and the other, my report.

I couldn’t wait to get upstairs. I asked The Special One to open the results and read it to me. The results that you can get on a CELTA are: Pass A, Pass B, Pass and Fail. I was telling The Special One the other day that I was aiming for a Pass A, hoping for a Pass B but would be happy with a Pass. He opens the letter. He starts reading. “I am pleased to announce that we have recommended that you be awarded a Pass”…then he pauses…why does he pause??? “A” he says as he smiles. My brain went into a bit of a frazzle at that point. What did that mean? Yes, I have been given a Pass A! That all elusive grade has been awarded to ME 🙂 I kinda cried, kinda laughed at that point. I wanted to shout out to everyone and high five everyone in our block. I didn’t, of course.


So yes, the CELTA course was hard work and it was difficult with a baby who needs mummy’s boobies at night while mummy is trying to prepare lessons. But it is achievable and I did it! Now for this teacher to get a job and earn some money and get experience under my belt.

Thanks for reading x


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