CELTA – The Final Days

I completed the CELTA a few days ago now and it’s all been a bit crazy which is why I haven’t posted about it yet. Let me tell you about the last 2 days before I tell you my result.

Day 18

This was to be my final teaching day. We had a careers talk in the morning from someone in the recruitment department of the school. They didn’t paint a pretty picture for someone who, like me, has a husband and child. Well boo hoo to her because IΒ willΒ find a job where my whole family is welcome. After the recruitment session, we had an input session on teaching young learners. There is a CELTYL (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Young Learners) course that one can do but I think there’s only one centre near London that offers it (or is that in the whole of the UK?). The CELTA lets you teach young learners anyway and with all the summer school jobs coming up, I’m really glad that we did this session.

It was time to teach after lunch and I was on second. My classmate taught a really good lesson on comparatives. Gosh! There are so many rules to learn about every little aspect of English. My turn next and I taught a lesson on ‘would like to’ and was supposed to include a comparison to ‘like’ but kinda muddled it up and only mentioned it almost in passing. So, to illustrate what I was teaching…’I would like to fly a plane.’ vs. ‘I like flying.’ I loved teaching this lesson. Not because of the content but because I felt like a teacher. Most of it came naturally. I really felt comfortable with what I was doing. Of course it wasn’t a perfect lesson but it was the best lesson I had taught. One of my classmates said that it was the best lesson he’s seen any of us do. Pretty cool props huh?

I was feeling very good when I went home that evening knowing that I didn’t have to do any work for the next day πŸ™‚

Day 19

Last day of school! The morning session was lots of admin. Signing stuff and filing things. Boring but essential. Then the next session we were split up into two groups and asked to prepare our top CELTA tips for the new course that was starting on Monday. Our group wrote a pretty cool poem (but I forgot to take a photo – whoops!) and the other group did a cool poster, phonemes and all. During lunch I had an interview for a summer school job. It was my first ever Skype interview and it was a bit weird but I felt good at the end of it. After lunch we joined the two teaching groups together and the teacher trainees did various activities with the whole group. Once lunch was finished, the tutors came back downstairs and we said our final goodbyes. We presented them each with a parting gift and that was that. Our month of intense coursework, assignments, lesson planning and teaching was over. Just. Like. That.

The last thing for us to do was go out for a meal and relax.

Enjoying a meal with the CELTA group

On the way home, I received a call and was offered the job that I’d interviewed for earlier that day! Yay me!! I’m not sure if I’m going to accept it yet as I have a couple of other options that I’d like to look at first. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading x


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