CELTA Day 17

The end of this course is soooo close! Today, 2 of the 4 in our group taught for the last time on this CELTA course and tomorrow me and my other classmate will teach our last lesson. Excited, anxious, a bit giddy and tired are words I’d use to describe how I feel.

This morning we started our day with an observation session. We watched an experienced teacher for 90 minutes. This is good for us because otherwise we only get to see our tutors teaching us so this way we see things as proper observers.

In the input session that followed, we looked at teaching business English and teaching 1-to-1. It was interesting to see how different 1-to-1 teaching is from teaching groups and how to make up for what you don’t get in a group dynamic.

Soon it was time for teaching practice and then the day was over. It went quickly today because they were 60 minute lessons instead of the usual 40. I remember when I started this course and a 60 minute lesson seemed daunting. Now I wish they were all 60 minutes so that I can fit it all in.

Just 2 more days until I’m an official teacher! πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading x


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