CELTA Day 16

Oh what a day! We knew that the assessor was coming in today but we didn’t know which sessions she’d be observing. I thought she would observe my classmates as that was what our tutor hinted at. Well that didn’t happen! Once we we all in this morning, our tutor asked if I’d teach first because the assessor wanted to observe my lesson before she went to the other group. Eeeek!

But first, let’s talk about the input sessions. First up today we covered literacy. We looked at learning language through the eyes of our students. These sessions are so useful because it makes us better teachers when we can relate to what our students may feel when learning in our classrooms.

The second session looked at testing and then the different exams and kinds of tests that students are exposed to. I do hope I get to teach an exam class soon in my teaching career. I think it will be good to get that experience.

Soon it was lunch and then in no time, it was over. And then it was time for me to teach. I was covering countable and uncountable nouns and introducing vocabulary related to food. I really enjoyed the lesson and it flowed well. My classmates were great because they helped me set up the room, did photocopies and were just generally really supportive. 40 minutes later and it was all over. It went so quickly and best of all…I survived!

My classmate who was next also taught vocabulary but his was related to buildings. It was a good lesson and the reason I enjoy watching classmates teach is that i can how they incorporate what we’ve learnt and then apply in lessons.

And then the day was over. Whooo hooo! Three days left and then I’m a qualified teacher. Well, you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading x

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