Mega Bunless Burgers

While out shopping for Baby Girl’s first pair of shoes ( #proudparents ), The Special One and I remembered that we’d not taken anything out of the freezer for dinner and the fridge was bare. I was in the mood for burgers. We made a detour to the supermarket and got the ingredients for our burger meal. Oh my goodness was it delicious! Here’s what it looked like…


Confession time…we didn’t make the burger patties ourselves. It was our intention to make them but then we spotted GBK (gourmet burger kitchen) patties on the shelf while looking for minced beef and thought we’d try it. So to add to that confession…I’m not completely sure how LCHF (low carb high fat) it was.

It was delish! Oh, and you may have noticed that didn’t use burger buns. Nope. We used Portobello mushrooms instead. Just sauteed them slightly in the pan with some butter. Next time we decide to do burgers though, I’ll slice the mushrooms. It was a bit tricky trying to get a mouthful of all of that burger + ‘bun’ in one go. Other than that, it’s another meal winner!

Thanks for reading x


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