CELTA Day 13 & 14

End of week 3. Wow! It feels like time has flown by and now we’re on the home stretch. Still lots to do before the end but hey, we’ve come this far so we just keep pushing on.

So…yesterday. Yeah, so Wednesday night wasn’t a good one. Baby Girl went to sleep at 3.45am and The Special One wasn’t feeling well so I stayed up with her. I also had a lesson to teach yesterday so I didn’t have time to absorb it the way I wanted to. But I’m a trooper, right? So I went in to school with a max of 3.5 hours sleep. I was feeling emotional when I left home so I had a feeling that it was a matter of time before I crack. (Lack of sleep does this to me)

The input sessions were first on writing skills which was fun and then in the next session we had to partner up and create posters on a grammar area we were given. I wasn’t so keen on that task as we had no time to get feedback on it so don’t know if we were on the right track or not.

Time flew by and then it was time for teaching practice. My classmate delivered a stellar lesson. It was awesome. I really enjoyed it but in the back of my mind was my lesson that I didn’t feel I’d prepared very well. After I taught it was time for group feedback. And. That’s. When. I. Cracked.

When my tutor asked how I felt about my lesson I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and that pre-crying choking feeling. I shed a few tears. Everyone was very sweet and supportive and then I was ok again. The feedback was good with some points (as always) to work on.

Today was much better! I still think I’m sleep deprived. I’m really tired now standing in the train going home. We didn’t have any input sessions today. The first session this morning was planning our teaching for next week. We’re grown up now you see, do we get to plan our own lessons πŸ™‚ The next session was an assignment workshop so we could use the time to ask our tutor questions about our assignments.
More stellar performances from my peers. They are moving that bar up all the time. The standard of their teaching is just getting better and better. Long may it continue! I’ve just got to make sure I move up with them.

I’m off to enjoy the weekend and plan my lessons (this teacher has got to deliver the goods next week) and write my final assignment for course.

Thanks for reading x


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