CELTA Day 12

Only 7 days left!

On Wednesday mornings we do teaching observation. Today we watched a DVD of an experienced teacher giving a grammar lesson. There were plenty of tips and good practice that can be applied to our own teaching practice.

The input session for the day was on error correction. We were looking at when to correct students and how to correct them sensitively. I’m teaching tomorrow so I’ll revise this session tonight with the intention of applying these techniques in my lesson.

Before lunch we got our assignments 3 back and…I passed! Yes!!! Just 1 more to hand in on Monday.

I am really enjoying working with our tutor and I’m learning so much from her. Today’s teaching practice went very well for both of my classmates and I saw things I’d like to apply in my lessons.

I’m on the train now to be with my special people and do my teacher prep for tomorrow.

Until next time…

Thanks for reading x


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