CELTA Day 11

After a great 3 day weekend, it was back to the books for us future teachers. Today’s 2 morning input sessions were loads of fun.

We started the day with a speaking skills lesson. We looked at how to stage a lesson and create interest then did some speaking tasks/exercises. I haven’t given a speaking lesson yet and look forward to applying those skills.

After the break, it was time to look at how to use games activities in our lessons. This was fun! We had to play the games first before deciding which level we thought the game was aimed at and the aim/purpose of the game…the language, etc that were using/practising. I’m definitely going to buy a book on games for teaching English. I think it’ll be an invaluable addition to my teacher library.

I was up first for teaching practice today. My lesson was on reading and writing. It was the first time that I was teaching the elementary level students and my first official lesson in front of our main tutor. I was quite nervous but not like my very first lesson. This was more about being able to communicate with the students and making a success of the lesson. It went better than expected and I’m glad I went first. I didn’t have to watch my classmates and then worry about how to phrase my questions, etc when it was my turn.

After we’d both taught, it was time for feedback. My tutor said something asking the lines of it being the best lesson plan she’d seen on our course so far. High praise, right? But then it got better. She said that if I’d had to leave in an emergency then any teacher could have picked up my lesson plan and teach the lesson. Boom! Yeah man! That’s the best thing someone can say about a lesson plan. Whooo hooo!

Even more good news…I’ve passed 2/2 assignments so far. Yes, the first one was a resubmit but that’s all forgotten now and it’s a pass. Turns out that if I’d not forgotten to show where words are stressed in each of the sentences that I’d have had an automatic pass. Doh!

Not so great is that Baby Girl has conjunctivitis. In many families this would mean that mommy stays at home. I’m so blessed though to be married to The Special One. He’s taken the week off to be with her as it’s contagious and can’t go to the childminder.

Right now I’m on the train to go and be with them.

Thanks for reading x


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