Curly haircut

I went for a haircut 2 weeks ago. My hair hadn’t been cut since February 2013, just before Baby Girl was born. It was way overdue! The haircut, not the baby πŸ˜‰ I was getting so frustrated that I actually cut a few curls where the ends had become too wispy.

Last year when I had my hair cut, I want happy with the way they treated my hair at the salon. Even though they were recommended on my holy grail of curly hair care, British Curlies, I was very disappointed. Using a narrow comb on my bra strap length curly hair, argh! Not a good sign.

Prior to this cut, I’d had my hair cut by Carlos Flores, aka the curl genius. He’s great. I love the way he treats my hair. I love the advice he gives. He is true to the curly girl way. But he lives and works in New York which is a problem. He does come to London twice a year but for the past four visits, our schedules have clashed. He also charges Β£100 a time. Now that seems like a lot but you’re getting a couple of hours with this man who will take such good care of your hair, provide good conversation and a laugh and give you a wealth of advice. In my opinion, he’s worth it.

Carlos is coming to London in June but I couldn’t wait until then. I was desperate. So I scoured British Curlies for a London based hair stylist recommendation. I came across 3thirty. Tiff, the owner took great care of my hair. She talked me zqqq how she was going to cut it and why. She was lovely. When I walked out of the salon, my hair looked awesome. Better than that though, I felt amazing. That’s what’s meant to happen when you leave a salon, right? The only thing I wasn’t happy about was the products she used which I bought. (I only checked the ingredients when I got home.) It was packed full of cones, quats and sulphates – ingredients I try to avoid. I haven’t used it and am going that I can return it. Other than that I’m happy. Oh and she cut my hair wet as opposed to Carlos who cuts curls dry.
I still think Carlos is the man when it comes to curly hair but if he’s not around then I’ll definitely go back to Tiff at 3Thirty.

Thanks for reading x


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