I wasn’t expecting the exercise that we did today in class. During the first session, we were asked to watch our tutor as she presented a grammar area to us. We had to observe her methods and the sequence in which she presented each stage.

Then, we were each given a grammar area to present. We had to keep it from our peers so that we could elicit the answers from them through the process instead of just having them tell us what we’re presenting. What fun…not! Well that’s what I thought at first when I was given the first conditional to teach. Exactly! What’s the first conditional?!? Here goes…my model sentence was ‘If it rains, I’ll get wet.’ As we were in London and the sky was looking a bit dark, this was a likely event. And that, dear readers, is the first conditional. Where the condition is a likely event. Simples.

We went up randomly to present to the rest of the class. I was nervous as *#©€ to be ‘teaching’ them, my peers but I really enjoyed it and it felt very natural. It was a great experience in the end. We had a laugh and we also got to see each other’s teaching styles. And we learnt 8 different grammar models to use out in the real world.

To end the day, I got to observe two of my classmates teaching the elementary level which I’ll start teaching from next week. This level comes with its own set of challenges. While the grammar we teach will be simpler than these past 2 weeks, the interaction is greatly reduced because their limited understanding English. Thankfully I’ll get to experience both these levels before going out there and getting a teaching job.

On the way home, a guy almost stepped on my foot. He apologised and then did a double take to look at my feet. I was wearing my gym shoes because my other pair of Vibrams are dying rapidly. He commented on them, then wiped out his phone to take a picture. “That’s going on Facebook later”, he says. Ha ha. My feet are going to be famous!

All in all it was a good day. I’m on my way into school now having only had about 1.5 hours sleep. But I’ll tell you about that in the next post.

Ps…only 10 more days until I’m officially a teacher! Whooo hooo!!

Thanks for reading x


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