CELTA Day 10

Halfway! Whooo hooo! Aside from only having 1.5 hours sleep last night, today has been a great day.

Our first session this morning was learning about the new class that we’ll be going to. We had to pair up with someone from the other group and talk through the class, the difficulties and strategies we find best. I suppose the idea being that we set each other up for success. It’s not a competition after all…we can all pass.

The second session was an assignment workshop. We handed one in today (assignment 2) and number three is due back on Tuesday as it’s a public holiday on Monday. Yay for holidays!

The last session before lunch was teaching practice preparation (TP prep). Each group sits with their tutor and goes through the upcoming lessons looking at the exercises and staging of the lessons. These sessions with the tutor really help because sometimes when you look at what they’ve assigned it all seems overwhelming but then after the TP prep it all seems manageable.

The teaching session for the afternoon was spent with the new group doing some fun activities. My classmates learnt some new things about me. Ha ha. “You lift weights?” You’ve been on tv?” “You’re married to a rapper?” Yes Yes Yes 🙂

Now I’m on my way to fetch our beautiful Baby Girl. I can’t wait to see her and then we’ll wait for The Special One get home.

I hope to do the following this weekend:
1. Spend quality time with my special people.
2. Go to the gym twice (I really miss it).
3. Do my resubmit for assignment 1. The cool thing about this course is that you can resubmit an assignment and it won’t affect your final grade.
4. Work on and finish assignment 3.
5. Work on and complete my lesson plan for Tuesday. Then all I’d need to do on Tuesday is print materials.
6. Have a few afternoon naps. This teacher needs to rest!
7. Buy Baby Girl some shoes – she’s walking now and needs some for when it’s damp outside.

Easy street.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. 🙂

Thanks for reading x


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