The Feeling When…

I don’t like leaving for school in the mornings. Baby Girl cries most mornings as I leave so it’s the last sound I hear from her. I don’t like it. It makes me feel like I’m a bad mother.

Really, it does.

I feel like I should be there to comfort her, especially now as she’s got a cold, and be there for her. I know that she has her daddy there to get her ready in the mornings. I know that this course is only for another 11 days. I know that I can’t be there for her every second of every day.

But still I wonder..what is she thinking when I walk out of the door. Does she think I’m deserting her? Will this experience tattoo itself into her subconscious and manifest itself as some kind of hangup in adulthood? Who knows?

One thing’s for sure, walking out of the door while Baby Girl is crying is one of the worst feelings ever (for me).

Thanks for reading x


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