Very often we’re our worst critics, aren’t we? I taught a 60 minute lesson today (previous ones were all 40 minutes) and I felt that it was my worst lesson yet. But I was the only one who thought so.

Let’s go through the day. This morning was an observation session so we watched an experienced teacher for 90 minutes. It was interesting to see the difference in language levels. Today’s group was pre-intermediate and involved a lot more miming and acting out concepts than we have in our intermediate class. I’m glad we watched him teach as my group will be moving to the elementary level next week.

After the break we had an input session on alternative ways to introduce grammar. Most of us liked these new methods: test – teach – test and guided discovery. They are more student centred and can be a bit more interesting than what we do now.

Time was moving on and it was almost time for teaching practice to start. I was soooo nervous and ill-prepared. Baby Girl wasn’t very well last night and needed more mommy time. This meant that I didn’t get a block of time to finish typing out my lesson plan and arranging my thoughts. She kept waking up and I went to lay with her each time and…I fell asleep each time. The third time that this happened, the Special One wasn’t there to wake me because he was already asleep, so when I woke up it was time to get ready for school! The pc was still on, my papers were scattered everywhere and my lesson plan was still not finished.

When it was time do give my lesson, I’d just about managed to produce a half typed, half handwritten plan and hadn’t made all the pretty handouts that I’d wanted to make. I just had to get on with it. I forgot so many things! My lesson involved reading tasks, speaking tasks and a grammar lesson so it was full on. I forgot to pre-teach the vocabulary but thankfully it didn’t hamper understanding. I forgot to write the form of the grammar on the whiteboard. I skipped exercises. In my eyes, it was a disaster. To a classmate who was observing me and the intermediate level for the first time, he thought it was great. My tutor thought there were some very good points and strengths displayed besides some opportunities for improvement. Thank goodness I’m not the one deciding if I pass or fail!

So I’m on the train now heading home to my special people. I’ve got an assignment to prepare for hand in on Friday…yes that’s 2 days from now, I know. This isn’t procrastination though. I’ve been working on it and now just need to write it up. This course is hectic with everything done on top of each other. But I’m gonna get through it. Watch me.

Thanks for reading x


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