CELTA Day 6 & 7

The days are merging into each other now. This course is intense but it’s broken up into (barely) manageable bits.

Yesterday we had to hand in our first assignment. It’s a grammar based assignment and it really helped with looking at how to teach a grammar lesson and what students might
struggle with.

I taught again yesterday as well. A vocabulary lesson this time. I was unhappy with how it went but the feedback from my classmates and tutor were positive so I’ll work on the development areas in my next lesson.

This morning’s input session was a foreign language lesson. We were taught Nyanja, one of the official languages of Zambia. I must add that no English was spoken during the lesson. It was fun and we learned new words but the essence of the lesson was to remove our teacher hats and put us in the shoes of our students. Mission accomplished.

The afternoon input session was on giving a vocabulary lesson and it was full of different ways that we can introduce language to students.

After lunch it was teaching time and thankfully I was ‘off’ today. I’m teaching my first 60 minute lesson tomorrow. Eeek!

I’ll be working very hard to ensure my lesson stays on track and that I achieve my aims within the allocated time. There’s lots of work to do this evening but Baby Girl isn’t very well so I’ll be spending time with her as I’m sure she wants Mama time too.

Thanks for reading x


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