It’s the end of week one of my CELTA course and I am T.I.R.E.D! This course requires so much home working and I’m able to give my full concentration only after Baby Girl has gone to sleep. The Special One does loads at home (I’m sooo blessed) but if she wants me then I’m not going to push her aside in favour of my books. I hope it doesn’t have to come to that as the intensity of the course increases.

The morning input session (the classes we are taught) was on extracting grammar from a text. In other words, using a piece of text to show learners the grammar you want to teach them. It’s great to see things fall into place. In the beginning when we don’t know how to do it it’s like we’re flailing in deep water and then after a while we’re floating comfortably but not yet swimming. That’s ok though because this course gives us the tools to become great swimmers teachers but the greatness comes with experience.

In the afternoon we covered CCQs which are concept check questions. Here, these are questions we use to check that the learners understand the meaning of what we’re teaching. So if I was teaching the concept of give a lift,Β  then after we’d established what it meant, I’d ask them ‘am I paying’ (no) and ‘how are we going? ‘ (by car). It’s interesting stuff actually if you’re into that kind thing. Lol

Teaching practice followed and ask I had to do was observe. Happy days. It’s great to see how my classmates teach their lessons and learn from them.

It’s now Tuesday of week 2 as I finish writing this post. That’s how busy this course is!  Lots to catch up on.

Thanks for reading x


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