Second teaching practice is in the bag. Whooo hooo! But first…

Today we covered lesson planning. Oh my goodness! There’s so much to do!! There are so many forms to complete as part of the process. I know that doing it will make me a better teacher so I’m not going to run away from it. No, not me. Lesson planning, I embrace you. Most of my weekend will no doubt be taken up planning my next lesson for this course. No wait, it can’t. I also have an assignment due on Monday and one next Friday. Eek! I’m calm though. I’ve got it all under control. 😉

Ok, can we talk about my lesson now? Great. I taught a grammar lesson, covering present simple and present progressive. Say what??? Ha ha. Let me give an example…
I am a mother. This is in the present simple form because it stating a fact.
I am wearing a skirt. This is in the present progressive form because it is happening at this moment. It’s not permanent.
If it doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it (unless you’re a CELTA trainee, then you best learn it ;-))

There weren’t too many blank faces while I taught. Thankfully I planned the lesson in advance and it flowed really well. I went slightly over time and had to cut an exercise sorry. Thankfully I didn’t have to cut anything out totally like I did my first lesson. I forgot a couple of things and my mind went blank when I was trying to explain state verbs. I’m not even going to get into that now. And I also forgot about drilling. A technique we use to embed the language. I’ll remember it for next time.

After teaching, we had individual feedback sessions with our tutors. I enjoyed mine. I received some constructive feedback on what to work on and we spoke through my strengths and how to build on what appears be a good foundation. And breathe…

Thanks for reading x


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