I’m on the train heading home as I write this. Yay! I had a good sleep last night and was refreshed for the course this morning. Given the time I left home, I should have arrived with 15 to spare before class started. Instead, I was 20 minutes late. Dammit! While lamenting about my journey to my classmates, I learnt that the station next to college was open and I’d been avoiding it for the past 3 days, thinking it was closed. Doh!

Today we watched an experienced teacher deliver a lesson. It was great to see someone else in action and hear their hints and tips. We definitely had some takeaways that we can use in our own teaching practice.

Our lesson today was on phonology. You know, that’s where weird symbols are used to write words. What seemed like gobbledygook before suddenly made sense. I love how our tutor delivers lessons and I hope to be as engaging a teacher her one day. I still struggle with stresses on words – deciding which syllable in a word is stressed.

I’m teaching again tomorrow and will have to do some work on my assignments. I’m almost home now which means I’ll get to spend some time with my special people before hitting the books again. No rest for me!

Thanks for reading x


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