The Real Meal Revolution Adventures: Not Butter Chicken

I first made this dish when my brother in law came to visit. I like using him as my guinea pig for new recipes and this one was a huge hit. We were expecting my sister in law and family to visit the next time I made the Not Butter Chicken recipe from my LCHF bible, The Real Meal Revolution. When they cancelled it wasn’t that much of a train smash. It just meant that we had about three meals worth of food prepped. Awesomeness.

The name is deceiving. It’s meant to indicate that it’s not butter chicken that you’d usually get in an Indian restaurant out takeaway. This dish actually does use quite a bit of butter. It should be called True Butter Chicken. Maybe it’ll get renamed in the 3rd edition.

The recipe:

Ready for baking
All done. Hot and delicious.

This meal is so delicious. On the RMR website, the provide corrections to recipes published in the first edition. They make a suggestion for getting the sauce nice and thick. We like it the way it is, slightly runny and drink it like soup.

I absolutely love following a low carb high fat plan and the Real Meal Revolution is a great reference. I’m not sure how easy it is to get outside of South Africa.

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