Five Down, Two To Go (NROLFW)

Stage 5 of New Rules Of Lifting For Women is finished. Whooo hooo!! I’m so pleased that I’ve come this far. So please with the progress I’ve made – not only in terms of strength but also emotionally and the stuff going on in my head. I’m much more confident and this ‘new’ me has a new, positive approach to many things.

The workout: 5B4…
Side note: I’ve previously written that with these last workouts I want to concentrate on getting my form right and so won’t be chasing new personal bests. Having said that, where I could go heavier, I did and when I felt my form wasn’t quite right, I kept the weight the same.

Barbell Romanian deadlift/bent over row: I felt really good about these today. I love deadlifts but it’s the rows that have me holding back on weight. I’m pleased to have hit a new PR set of 52.5kg. 💪💪

Partial single-leg squat: This is one exercise where I’ve stopped adding weight and am concentrating on form. I think 2 x 16kg kettlebells is pretty good already. I did all my sets with these and concentrated on going lower. There’s definitely been an improvement.

Wide-grip lat pulldown: These killed me today. I don’t know what happened. I started on 54.3kg which is what I ended with last time but managed 3 with good form. I had to do the rest of my sets with 52kg. Not a train smash of course but I would have liked to maintain the new weight.

Back extension: Stayed with a 15kg plate. An older gentleman was at the bench as I approached. I was about to turn back when he called and said we can share. ☺ When he finished he told me that he’s seen me around and I’m very strong and he’s very impressed. I should keep it up. :mrgreen: He also said he’s seen me do some other bench work (incline bench press) and I lift more weight than him. Sweet, right?

YTWL: This is the exercise in NROLFW that I dislike the most. That’s probably because it’s so bloody hard. I’m only doing it with 6kg dumbbells and it sucks. I’m pleased that my form has really improved and I’m able to lift those 6kg babies up nicely (for the most part).

Prone jackknife: I like these. Did a couple of sets of 12 and one of 14. When I do these again, I’m going to try it in the TRX suspension trainer.

Reverse crunch: Nothing much to report. I did 3 sets of 16.

Russian twist: Using a 10kg dumbbell, I did 3 sets of 16. My obliques love me now o_O

In the middle of doing the mat work, a trainer who was working next to me with his client asked if I’d written the program myself. I told him about NROLFW and he said he was impressed with what I’ve been doing and that he’s seen my progress physically from when I started. Ah, nothing like props from a trainer to boost motivation.

Prone cobra: Ok, by this time by core was tired and I was getting tired of being in the gym so I only did 2 sets. First one was a minute long. Then I made a deal with myself…as you do. If I wasn’t going to finish previously then I had better do a 2 minute cobra. Well…I did it!!! I’m super happy about it. Everything was shaking at the end but it was worth it. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I finished this workout with 15 minutes of interval training on the treadmill.

Time: 15m16s
Distance: 1.21 miles
Pace: 12:45 (I still don’t understand pace)
I’m happy with this finish. I sprinted this last 2 intervals and this is the farthest I’ve gone in my intervals. I may try something different for intervals next and save the treadmill for 5k training which I need to start again. (Did I mention I’m thinking of joining the local running club?)

How do I feel that it’s over? Frigging great! I’m happy to welcome shorter workouts in new Rules of Lifting stage 6. I’m a little apprehensive about the negative chin ups as they didn’t go so week in the park the other day. But then a few months ago I couldn’t do push ups and now I’m doing spideys 😛

I’ll probably have to dial back my workouts to twice a week with my course starting on Monday. Hopefully the longer rests will mean good recovery so I can do those chin ups…like a boss! I’ll aim to fit in some form of exercise from home on most other days, even if it’s just 10 minutes.

Geez I’ve had a lot to say!

One more thing…on the way home I was hungry. I went to the local supermarket as we needed a few things and picked up some roasted chicken and a coconut water. Perfect lunch with some salad bits that we had at home. Yum.

I’m really done now. Just. Need. To. Post. Pics. 😉


Thanks for reading x


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