Feeling The Burn And Loving It

It’s been a few days since I’ve been to the gym. I’d planned to go on Sunday but then we got back late from our walk in the park but I guess that counts as exercise so that’s ok. The good thing is that I went today. The gym was full! Must be the public holiday bringing everyone out. I usually do the first part of my workout in the free weights area but it was so full of meat heads (no offence, I’m sure they’re all really nice men) that I decided to take my weights to the ladies area.

Today’s workout was New Rules Of Lifting For Women stage 5 workout A4 which also means it was the last 5A workout for NROLFW ever 🙂 I wasn’t too focussed on setting too many personal bests today. I wanted to lift with good form and end this one knowing that I gave it my all.

Starting the workout was the one-armed dumbbell snatch which went ok. I did the same weights as last time: 4 sets of 4 reps with 16kg – 18kg – 18kg – 20kg. I had to dig deep on that last set and boy did it leave me breathless! No wonder this is considered a fat burning stage – it certainly had me puffing most of the way through.

Next up was a superset that started with dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlifts. I didn’t increase my weights here from the 2 x 20kg kettlebells that I used but it was much easier than the last workout. Next up were barbell bent-over rows and again I repeated what I did last time knowing that I struggled with form on the last 2 sets and this time it was much better. I’m really pleased about that and will definitely aim to set some new PRs in the future with my rows.

When I was doing the dumbbell single-arm overhead squats, I started with a 20kg kettlebell and an 8kg dumbell for the first set. I really felt I could do more but couldn’t be bothered to walk over to the free weights area to fetch a 22kg dumbbell so….I picked up a 24kg kettlebell instead and did 2 sets. Like a Boss!

The next exercise in that superset was the dumbbell incline bench press. Again I stuck to my previous 14kg dumbbells. I knew I could do this semi easily which is why I increased the reps. The reason I didn’t go heavier was that I really feel like I want to have someone spotting me or I’d rather use a barbell. Of course I was training on my own so didn’t have someone to spot me and I was not about to ask one of the guys. There was someone working in the gym but he seemed pretty useless (like when I asked him to bring the bench back to the ladies area and he told me there is a bench free but it’s broken!?!) Stage 6 requires barbell incline bench presses so I’ll get one of the trainers in the gym to help me when I do it for the first time.

Planks, glorious planks. I smashed these last time and did 3 two minute planks as per the program. Today I decided to shorten the time and do some plank variations. So I did one 60 second and two 90 second planks and added leg raises and a few other variations and it felt good. I seem to be constantly disappointed with woodchops. This is probably because I’m not using the cable machine and so today I used a 9kg dumbbell. I should be happy as it’s a PR but I’m sure I would have been doing more if I was using the cable machine.

What I am most proud of (besides the 24kg in my overhead squat) is my performance in the body weight matrix. In stage 3, my very first BWM was 3 minutes exactly and I managed to shave only a few seconds off that time. When I started stage 5…wait, let me draw a table…


Pretty awesome, right? It’s only just over a minute less BUT it’s still OVER A MINUTE LESS!!!

I am really looking forward to going to the gym on Wednesday and also to see the end of this stage. The workouts are so long. I’ve read on forums that stage 6 workouts are much shorter which is great. Although, the first stage 6 exercise is a negative chin up and those didn’t go so well when I tried it in the park yesterday. I can only get better at it, right?

Oh, and I remembered my phone and the changing rooms were accessible today so here are some photos (cos I know how much you love them…haha).

Whoo! That ‘during the BWM’ pic is not pretty!

Thanks for reading x


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