New Rules Of Lifting For Women 5B3

Only 2 works left and then it’s time for negative pull ups! Eeek! But let’s not jump the gun. I need to stay in the present. I did New Rules Of Lifting For Women stage 5 workout B3 yesterday. It was goooood!

I feel like I’m at that stage where I’m not adding big increments of weight to my lifts. For my barbell Romanian deadliest/bent over row, for example, I did sets of 42.5kg ➡ 47.5kg ➡ 47.5kg ➡ 50kg…baby steps. It’s not the deadlift part that’s holding me back because I know I can lift more. It’s the rows that are hard at that weight. I’ll just have to keep at it and soon I’ll be rowing more.

Compared to 5A, I don’t work up as much of a sweat until the intervals at the end. It almost makes me feel like I’m slacking although I know I’m not. Nothing new to report on my single leg squats except that I’m going to keep using 16kg kettle bells and aim to go lower. My wide grip lat pulldowns were ok. I increased the weight slightly to 54.3kg and it was hard but I did it!

I did back extensions with a 15kg plate, same as last time. I think I’ll try it with 20kg next time. The dreaded YTWLs were ok today. I went up to 6kg for 2 sets. Sound like a small weight but do the drill then come talk to me. Lol!

With the core work I did my thing : prone jackknives, reverse crunches and weighted Russian twists. Oooh did I feel that and it felt good! I ended the mat work with prone cobras which I had avoided the previous 2 workouts because I feel stupid doing them. 1 x 60 seconds and 2 x 90 seconds. Boy did I feel that! Geeez!!!! I’m not skipping them again.

Finally it was interval time. My weapon of choice was the treadmill. I made every one of those 15 minutes count. I was so sweaty but that’s supposed to happen in a gym, right? During the final sprint I glanced at the timer and saw there were 25 seconds left and I actually said in my head “bring it treadmill”! It’s fun in my head.

Oh and I took some photos for you ☺ I tried to capture how sweaty I was in case you didn’t believe me.


Fingers crossed I get to the gym on Saturday for my last 5A workout.

Thanks for reading x


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