Slow Progress Is Still Progress

I was at the gym today and did stage 5 workout A3 of New Rules Of Lifting For Women. I didn’t progress much in terms of adding more weight to most of the exercises that I did but I realised that this is ok. I’m doing more sets with the higher weights and even a 5kg increase in weight is an achievement and I should celebrate this.

I felt good going into the gym today. I decided to do the first 3 exercises in the  free weights area. Usually I’d lug all the dumbbells I need to the ladies area and only go to the free weights area when I need the barbell. But today I wore my big girl pants and decided that I had a right to be there and do my thing. (For the record, I wore my normal workout clothes. In case anyone was wondering…) Ok, so lets talk about what I did today.

First up was the one arm dumbbell snatch. When I did stage 3 (which is the same as stage 5 but with different sets and reps), I hated this exercise. I realised I was going it wrong. You really do have to jump to get that weight up in the air and I was too embarrassed (or something) to do it properly during stage 3. But NROLFW has given me confidence that I didn’t have before. I’m not saying it’s responsible for all the confidence that I have but it has contributed. Um, ok so we are talking about what now? Oh yes, the snatch. With 5A2, I did 5 sets: 14kg/16kg/16kg/18kg/18kg. For 5A3 I did: 14kg/16kg/18kg/18kg/20kg. Oooh that 20kg dumbbell tried to get the better of me but I showed it who was boss! Man it felt so good even when my top was flying up showing some jelly belly. Lol.

Nothing new to report on the dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlift as I did exactly the same as 5A2 – 20kg x 3 sets. It was hard then and it was hard again today. With the barbell bent over row, I had done the following weights 37.5kg/42.5kg/47.5kg in 5A2 and today I did 42.5kg/47.5kg/47.5kg. So I didn’t increase weight but I did more of the heavier weight. Yay me.

The second superset started with dumbbell single-arm overhead squats. The names of these exercises are funny and long. Both workouts were identical except that I used an 8kg dumbbell as my smaller weight in the last set today instead of a 7kg. Whoop! Again, a small improvement in my incline bench press where I did all 3 sets with 14kg instead of starting with a 12kg set. My problem with this exercise is that I’m a little worried about getting the weight to shoulder lever while I’m laying on the bench. I wonder if this would be easier done with a barbell instead and I could ask (although I’m not really sure if I’m up for this) someone to spot me. Will try 16s next time and see what happens.

My most notable achievement today was that I did 3 x 2 minute planks! BOOM! That’s a lot of plankage! Is that a word? I’m not sure. Let’s say it is. I am super proud of this and I’m going to look at the variations for making them harder as I’ve no desire to go any longer than 2 minutes. Second of the superset was reverse wood chops. The cable machine was busy as usual. So I used a 5kg plate then an 8kg dumbbell. I’m not keen on these at the moment as I’d really like to do them on the cable machine. One day…

Finally it was time for the Body Weight Matrix. My old nemesis (that I secretly love). I love the challenge of trying to beat my previous times. I managed to shave off a second from my 5A2 time but then did a longer second round. I was pooped. But then 2 rounds of 24 squats/lunges/jump lunges/jump squats will do that to you. My legs were jelly walking out of that gym!

No (private) mirror available for selfie. Loool!

So, there you have it. Did I mention that I love New Rules Of Lifting? I have? Well this certainly won’t be the last time. It’s just that good…for me.

Thanks for reading x

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