Three Things… Fitness ‘Accessories’ I’d Love To Own

The title’s pretty self explanatory but I’ve taken liberties with the word accessories as one of the three is footwear. Let’s start with that…

1. Vibram FiveFingers Alitza trainers. I have 2 pairs of Vibrams already and I love them. My Vibram Jaya’s I wear out and about and my Seeya’s are my gym trainers. I need a 3rd pair because my M
Jaya’s are literally falling apart at the seams. The Alitzas are so cute and I’m sure they’ll be great for the gym and for day to day wear.


2. Polar Loop Activity Tracker. I’ve been wanting an activity tracker for a while now. If you’ve read some of my previous fitness posts, you’ll know that I love numbers and tracking my progress. I have to wait until my course finishes at the beginning of June before getting one as it’ll be to distracting. I can just see myself doing some form of exercise when I should be doing lesson plans or working on my assignments.

3. Atlas Activity Tracker. Why 2 activity trackers? Well this one won’t be released until 2015 for general purchase and I really want an activity tracker! The Atlas is amazing. Check out this video.

Awesome, right? It’s available for pre-order now at $179 and once launched it’ll be $225. Definitely on my wishlist!

The Special One calls the Polar Loop an inactivity tracker vs. the Atlas which seems to be a true activity tracker. Read what he thinks about these here.

So there you have it. I may have to do a post about some gym clothes that are on my wishlist. ☺

Thanks for reading x

The Polar Loop on Amazon UK:


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