Killing It In The Gym

Yesterday was very different from my last workout. Yesterday was a great workout. I couldn’t decide if I should run errands first or go and train first but when a friend said she’s going to the gym, I decided to train first.

I was doing stage 5 workout A2 of New Rules Of Lifting For Women. The end is so close but there’s still so much to do! First let me tell you about the workout…
One arm dumbbell snatch *clears throat* – new PR of 18kg :mrgreen:πŸ’ͺ
Barbell bent-over row – new PR of 47.5kg
Dumbbell incline bench press – new PR of 14kg (just to be clear, that’s 2 x14kg dumbbells)

My proudest achievement is the snatch. Now that I can do 18kg, I’m wondering what I’ll finish with on the stage of NROLFW. Clearly the sky’s the limit!

I also managed 2 x 2 minute planks which is no mean feat. To end stage 5A workouts is the lovely body weight matrix. I love and hate doing it. I shaved off 56 seconds. Yep…that’s pretty sweet too! So 5A1 my first BWM was 3m33s and yesterday my second 5A2 BWM was 2m37s. I am sooooo pleased with my progress on this stage! To top it all off, I burnt just under 100 calories more in less time! *ching ching*


Thanks for reading x

PS. If the self indulgent selfies are getting too much, please do let me know. 😳


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