Bad Days And Silver Linings

Ever have one of those days at the gym when you feel weak and that you’re not making any progress? That’s how I felt yesterday. It had been a pretty tiring week. Baby Girl was waking up every two hours in the middle of the night which meant I was waking up too. I can’t say exactly how many hours I was sleeping, but it wasn’t much.

Ok, so the gym. I was doing stage 5 workout B1 of New Rules Of Lifting For Women. I went yesterday morning before breakfast so that it was done and dusted. I felt good that morning and was ready to take on the iron! First exercise was Romanian deadlifts with bent over row. When I finished stage 3 of NROLFW (it’s the same exercises as stage 5), my final set was 52.5kg. This time I started with 40kg to warm up but then only managed to get up to 50kg. Finished feeling very disappointed.

Moving on…I didn’t get much range of motion on my single leg squats and only used 12kg kettle bells. Lat pulldowns were also disappointing with me barely managing 52kg and I only had to do 4 reps per set 😦 I love back extensions and added more weight than before – 15kg, so I guess that was good. The final weights exercise was YTWL and although I started with 5kg, I finished with 4kg. See, bad day! To top it off, I pulled a muscle in my neck so that’s sore too. 😤

So where the silver lining? Well after the abs exercises, come intervals. I was planning to do them the next day (today) because the workout is just sooooo long otherwise. But I decided, screw it, this workout is bad enough, let me just do it all. So I ran. I found that the normal ‘rest’ setting was too easy so I increased it. Then the first interval was really easy so I increased that too and had to increase it again the second time. There were only 3 intervals as it’s the first one of the stage. But when it was time to walk at the end, I didn’t, I kept running. It felt great. All this weight training is making running easier. BOOM! There’s that silver lining! 💪💪:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Thanks for reading x

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