Hippy Hippy Shakes

After my failed attempts at getting the Real Meal Revolution chocolate fat shakes down (read about that here and here), I found a RMR shake that I loved (read about that here). This is the reason why I have these ‘shake’ songs in my head. I’m going to try to find a way to work lyrics from ‘Twist And Shout ‘ into this post.

I’ve been shaking up a storm these past few days. In fact,  everyday for the past week. I’ve been working on variations of the Real Meal Revolution Avocado And Raspberry shake. Mainly using strawberries as other berries are so expensive. I’m really enjoying these shakes for breakfast. The cool thing about making them is that eggs can now be for lunch. I don’t have to rack my brain thinking of a low carb high fat lunch option.

Today though, I decided to attempt the RMR Chocolate Fat Shake again but without the butter. I made my coconut cream, measured out everything, added nut butter instead of normal butter. No dice. The buttery texture was gone – big plus but I found the coconut flavour too overpowering. The shake ended up going down the drain and I had bacon and eggs for breakfast instead.

Best stick to my yoghurt and berry shake instead. I need to get some berries from the shop so I can ‘shake it up baby’! (yes! )

Thanks for reading x


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