Nausea And The Chocolate Fat Shake

Yesterday I wrote that I had this low carb Chocolate Fat Shake for breakfast. Yes it was tasty with a slightly grainy, dare I say fatty, texture. What I didn’t mention in the post but mentioned later in this post, is that I felt nauseous a while later after having the shake but I wasn’t sure if the shake was what caused it.

This morning I made the LCHF shake again. I doubled everything because I was making one for The Special One as well. I couldn’t finish it today. I felt nauseous drinking it. (No, I’m not pregnant! Lol) I felt so ill. The Special One had a few sips of his and couldn’t drink any more either. The taste is great (just good according to him) but the texture I just couldn’t handle. I think it’s got something to do with the butter. I may try it without butter some time but I’m not going to be attempting it for a while. I’ll be sticking to eggs or try one of the other, more standard, shakes from The Real Meal Revolution.

I am disappointed though. I really wanted to like it. It was really good yesterday and I know that the texture was a bit weird even then but I managed to drink it any way. Today though it just wasn’t happening. I even…threw up. Gross, I know. Sorry about that. I’m just thankful that Baby Girl was super tired this morning and went back to sleep at 10h30 and I napped with her and felt much better after that.

Looking forward to my eggs and avo in the morning.

Thanks for reading x


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