Stronger Than Before

Today I completed stage 4 of New Rules Of Lifting For Women and I feel good! I felt a bit ill when I was driving to the gym but then decided that since I was there I should do what I could. I wasn’t sure if the nausea was due to the chocolate shake that I made for breakfast this morning. We’ll know tomorrow as I plan to make it again.

The workout started with deadlifts and I used the Olympic bar was it was available. I warmed up with 40kg (8 reps), then a set of 50kg, then another of 55kg, then…drumroll please…60kg!!! Please excuse the bold type but this is a new PR that I’m very pleased about. 💪 I wanted to run around the gym high 5ing everyone but managed to contain my enthusiasm. Barely.

I don’t have any other noteworthy PRs to talk about but today’s workout was great. Tough but good. I even had the time to do a 15 minute interval session. I used the stationery bike for these intervals. I hate the stationery bike. I think it’s the cardio equipment I hate the most. So that’s why I did it. Lol! Well, that and I read that cycling is great for building quads. I’ve got thick legs as it is so I figure why not go all we quadzilla 🚲

I may have mentioned before that I like numbers. So even though I mostly lift, I still wear a HRM because I love seeing how many calories I burnt, knowing that the reality is more. Today I only remembered to start tracking after my 3rd set of deadlifts 😤 Not cool.


Working on my selfies as you can see. He he.

Rightyo, I start stage 5 on Saturday and I’m excited. This stage is fat burning and I’m going to see great results especially with eating low carb high fat. I have some of my favourite exercises to look forward to: bench presses, Romanian deadlifts and back extensions. I also have my not so favourites: single leg squats and single arm overhead squats. Ah and then there’s my love/hate relationship with the body weight matrix. But more on that next time.

Thanks for reading x


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