Low Carb Beef Curry

On Monday night I asked the Special One to take something out of the freezer for me to cook for dinner the following evening. He took out a pack of organic stewing beef. I’ve only just recently started eating meat again after following a pescatarian diet for the past 7 years so I’m still making my way through various recipes.

Looking at the meat reminded me of a dinner we had at my brother’s place when we were in South Africa this February. Mutton curry. Hmmmm! My sister-in-law makes an amazing mutton curry. I’m still trying to get the recipe out of her but she wants me to have the spices first and she still hasn’t posted them to me 😒

So instead, I consulted my favourite SA recipe book The Cape Malay Cookbook by Faldela Williams. This book contains all of my favourite recipes that remind me of home. I’ve never seen mutton at the supermarket or in the butchers and when I asked the butcher if he sells mutton, he said he only gets it for special orders. Boo.

Recipes from home sweet home

I’m not going to post the recipe unless someone asks and then I’ll be happy to do so. It was delish! Not quite like the one we had in SA but yummy nonetheless. When The Special One does a seated dance while eating then I know I’ve made a good meal.

I substituted radishes for the potatoes to lower the carb count. What a super veg. I didn’t even need to peel them as the colour fades while it cooks. I am definitely stocking up on radishes!

Of course I couldn’t serve it with normal rice 😱 so I cooked some cauliflower rice and added some almonds and coconut as per a recipe I found here. I usually make the plain cauli rice recipe that’s in The Real Meal Revolution but decided to spice things up a bit. The coconut flavour doesn’t come through very strong but you definitely get the almond taste and this rice worked very well with the curry.

Having some fun with the photo editor

Dinner is served. You can’t even tell that those are radishes, right?

It’s a new day and I have to rack my brain to figure out tonight’s meal.

Thanks for reading x

Link to The Cape Malay Cookbook on Amazon UK:


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