A Walk In The Park

Baby Girl didn’t have her afternoon nap today and when she did sleep, it was for about half an hour. So in an attempt to induce sleep and give the Special One some quiet time to do his work, I took her to the park for a walk.

There was no way I was getting to the gym today especially with her not getting her naps. So for today, the park was my gym. I’m feeling a bit sore from yesterday’s workout so all I did was walk. Wait. That sounds like I’m making an excuse. I’m not. I could have stayed home and done nothing. But you know what? I didn’t. I went to the park and I walked.

After going around the park 3 times and clocking 3km, we’d both had enough. It was cold! My weather app said it was 12 degrees but I’m certain it was much colder than that. According to Map My Walk, my pace was 14:04min/km 😱 and I burnt 300 calories 😅. Do these numbers even matter? I don’t know, but I like having measures. Something about it makes me feel good.

Baby Girl didn’t end up sleeping on the walk out for a long while after we got back. That’s OK though. We got to be outside, look at cute dogs, feel the elements on our skin, breathe fresh air and come home and appreciate the warmth. Perfect.

Baby Girl and me post walk selfie

Thanks for reading x


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