Monday @ The Gym

It feels like I haven’t been to the gym in ages. Today was my last A workout for stage 4 of The New Rules Of Lifting For Women training program that I’m doing. I love NROLFW! I wish I could tell all the women lifting 0.5kg weights about it. But they’ll probably resent my input so I remain silent.

The gym was busier than I expected hoped for 10:30am. Maybe there were more teachers there because school holidays have started? On seeing all those people, I immediately wanted to leave, but didn’t. Only 2 training sessions left and I couldn’t let fear and strangers hold me back.


I’ve recorded some new personal bests today. Yay me!
Front squat/push press: 27.5kg
Static lunge, rear for elevated: 16kg – 3 sets x 8 reps
Plank: 2 minutes (120 seconds sounds better though)

Finishing Stage 4A of new rules today felt good. I can’t wait for Wednesday to finish finish (you know what I mean). Hopefully I’ll get to start Stage 5 on the weekend. I’ve done it before (it’s the same as Stage 2) so I know which exercises I like and those I’m dreading.

I’d love to start getting some more definition…a visual confirmation that what I’m doing is working. Looking better in my clothes does feel good though 😉

Thanks for reading x


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