Three Things… I’m Glad I’ve Done With Baby Girl

There are a multitude of things that I could write about with a title like that but if I had to narrow it down, it would be these:

1. Breastfeeding
This was so tough to start with. I cried a lot in the early days after her birth. She was losing weight and wasn’t getting enough milk according to the midwife. I was being told to supplement by expressing my milk and giving it to her after she breastfed. It didn’t make sense but we tried it anyway and Baby Girl still wasn’t picking up weight fast enough.

Then the suggestion was made that if she doesn’t start getting bigger soon then we’d have to start her on formula. I was determined that she breastfeed, after all, breast is best. I contacted the La Leche League and a breastfeeding support lady came to see me. She helped me with best positions and showed me what I could try. She was with us for hours and never looked at the time. She volunteered her time to help us without asking for anything in return.

After that it got much easier. So much so that I can now breastfeed hands free. Lol :mrgreen: And at 1 year old, I have no idea when Baby Girl is going to stop breastfeeding. Why would we? It’s so convenient, cheap and I think that it fosters a closeness that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. I still think we’d be close but this is different. Of course I have no measure of comparison just going on what I feel.

No judgement is geared towards those who don’t/didn’t/don’t plan to breastfeed. These words reflect my experience.

2. Slinging Baby Girl (aka babywearing)
We bought a sling before she was born and I used it a few times. The Special One used it more and it allowed him to work on his laptop and carry her simultaneously. Bonus!

Then I went to a sling library and I wished I’d gone sooner. That’s where I discovered what Baby Girl and I both liked. After a few wells of renting and using a Connecta Integra, we purchased one. I carried her everywhere! This was one of the motivations to get stronger, she was getting heavier and I wanted to keep carrying her. She’s 1 now and I still use it.

Another sling we added to the collection was a ring sling. This handy little number is what Daddy uses when he walks with her. She falls asleep within minutes. Its also handy when I need to run downstairs to check the post or collect a parcel. It’s super easy to get her in there and for the most part keeps me hands free.

3. Co-sleeping
This wasn’t exactly planned. Her cot was right up against our bed. The first night she slept in there we hardly didn’t sleep because we were worried about her breathing. So for weeks after that she slept on one of us. It was lovely. Then we eventually moved her into the cot (face down [shock horror 😱]) and she crawled over onto the bed. Less than a month old and she knew she wanted to be near Mommy and Daddy.

This hasn’t stopped. Our little 1 year old still makes her way over, in her sleep, to either mommy or daddy, throws an arm over one of us, and sleeps soundly. Once she’s asleep she’ll go into her cot but almost every time she will wake up in our bed.

Some co-sleeping naysayers may criticise us for this but I don’t care. I love that when she needs us in the middle of the night, we don’t need to leave the bed or even sit up in most cases. I love that she wants to be close to us.

Life is good.

Thanks for reading x

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