Colour Me Orange

I have been wanting to colour my hair for a while now. I feel it’s been looking a bit dull. The colour lightened a bit while we were on holiday in South Africa but still I need more oomph (of course you know exactly what I mean).

So I decided to henna my hair. For the past 4 years this has been the only way I’ve coloured my hair. When I found British Curlies, I started following the Curly Girl method and then also decided to use natural products for colouring my hair. Henna wasn’t new to me as it is quite commonly used in South Africa.

So 3 days ago I took out my pack of henna (bought at Sheabutter Cottage) that I’ve had for a while and decided this was the day. Made a cup of green tea using 2 bags, let it cool, mixed it with the henna and put it in the oven for the colour to develop or whatever it does.

Then I forgot to put it on. I remembered the next day but I had things to do and couldn’t fit in four hours of being able to stay home. So that brings me to yesterday afternoon. Baby Girl went to sleep and the were 5 hours before I needed to go to the dentist. It was now or never! (ok it wasn’t really but after 3 days that’s how it felt!)

The henna went on. The bathroom was a bit of a mess. I cling filmed my head then wrapped it up in a cut off t-shirt that I use as a hair towel. If you ever go to the British Curlies forum then you’ll understand about the T-shirt.

It looks much better now πŸ™‚
All wrapped up

4 hours later it was time to rinse. 20 minutes later I was still rinsing. Whooo weeee! Was I orange!! My scalp was quite coloured as well in front bit I wasn’t too worried about that because I know that the colour will develop and lookΒ great.

Time to go so I put on loads of conditioner and then wrapped my head up in a scarf – didn’t want to stain the dentist’s chair.

An hour later I was back. Filling replaced. I really don’t mind going to the dentist. But…I digress…

Next it was time for some photos before doing a deep conditioning treatment for the night.

Orange, right?

For the deep conditioning treatment I used coconut oil, shea butter, honey and some conditioner. I applied it to dampened hair, covered it with a shower cap and then a T-shirt towel. Then I was off to sweet slumber.

The hair angels sang this morning as I showered. My hair felt strong and conditioned – just great. I can’t wait for the colour to settle – I’ll keep you updated.

Do you ever use henna? What do you think of it?

Thanks for reading x


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