The Real Meal Revolution Adventures

I received a book called The Real Meal Revolution by Prof. Tim Noakes et al for my birthday last month. It’s a low carb, high fat book covering the science bit andΒ  it also has loads of recipes. I’m really enjoying experimenting with the various recipes, especially now that I’m a recovering pescatarian hehe. There’s also a Real Meal Revolution website where you can get additional support.


Low carb high fat (LCHF) really works for me. I find that it supports my fitness goals as I don’t feel fatigued from the lifting sessions and I’m losing weight steadily so it’s also supporting my weight loss goals (although this goal isn’t actually a number).

The meals I’ve tried are super duper yummy. So what I’ll do is post separately about each meal I make and hopefully I’ll remember to take photos before we devour it! And this is the reason I’m staying with the blueberry hot cakes as my first in this series as I’ve made at least four other recipes from the book before these but we never took any photos *blushing*.

I really do hope you enjoy reading about these meals as much as we enjoy eating them!

Thanks for reading x


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