The Real Meal Revolution Adventures: Blueberry and Cream Cheese Hotcakes

Oh my these are little cakes of deliciousness! And you’ll feel like you’re cheating because these are sweet and oh so yummy.

But let’s go back a little earlier…A week ago, on Saturday, I decided that we should make pancakes – LCHF of course – a weekly occurrence. I scoured the internet for recipes, found one that used almond flour (which I had in stock) and proceeded to make them. The Special One came into the kitchen just as I had finished mixing the batter and tasted it. Not sweet enough. So he added some xylitol… just a bit, and then have me the go ahead to proceed. I was happy to be having pancakes but not to impressed with them.


That night, determined to make pancakes that looked and tasted good, I turned to The Real Meal Revolution for inspiration. And I found it! I found a recipe for Blueberry and Cream Cheese Hotcakes. The recipe calls for ricotta cheese and coconut flour – both of which I didn’t have. A quick trip to Sainsbury’s and I was back with ricotta cheese but no coconut flour. Instead I bought coconut flakes. Yeah baby, I was going to make my own flour. I’ll post about that soon and link to it.

Sunday morning we were good to go. I didn’t buy milk (which the recipe needed) but I had freshly made coconut milk πŸ˜‰ After some mixing and beating and frying, we treated ourselves to very tasty pancakes (hotcakes).


I didn’t follow the recipe to the T. The Special One isΒ  experimenting with cheese after not eating it for years due to it affecting his skin. Where the recipe needed 1 and a third cups of ricotta, I used 2/3 ricotta and the rest double cream. I didn’t cover each pancake with the cream cheese either. I omitted the cream cheese completely.

We ate them with some of the remaining double cream. Too too yummy! Definitely not an everyday meal. Next time I must halve the mixture as well. It serves 4 so we were VERY indulgent!

I must admit that this is a new tradition that I’m going to enjoy!

Thanks for reading x


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