Working Out… like a boss!

I was at the gym a couple of days ago merrily doing my New Rules of Lifting workout. I’m back into it again after having a break while we were on holiday in South Africa. I just finished Stage 4, Workout B, Day 2 today. Ha Ha! I just realised that unless you know the New Rules of Lifting For Women, you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about. Apologies.

In a nutshell, it’s a 7 stage workout designed for women that is based on weightlifting. Simples. It’s hard work but very satisfying. I love it. It’s the most enjoyable thing to do in the gym… for me. Don’t get me wrong, I grimace, I sweat, I feel the burn – every time. The feeling I have when I leave the gym, how can I describe it? I feel strong, I feel like an Amazon! Ok, now that you know what NROLFW is, I can continue telling my story.

So…I just finished the lifting part of the workout and was about to start some core work on the mats when this young lady on the mat next to me took out her earphones, smiled nervously at me and the following words left her mouth…”excuse me, you look like you know what you’re doing so I wanted to ask your advice…” I’m not sure if the dialogue in my head was reflected in my face (I think my years in HR meant I had my poker face on). My inner voice was saying “Me? You really want to ask me? I don’t exactly look like the type of person who people would ask for advice in the gym.”

THIS is what I look like in the gym…

But then my good cop inner voice speaks up and says “You’ve put in the work and the research. You DO know what you’re doing!” So when she asked me what she should do to tone her stomach I told her that I do full body training and not spot training and that abs are made ‘in the kitchen’. I also told her the core exercises that are part of my routine. When she asked about nutritional advice, I told her that I follow a low carb high fat eating plan and directed her to some resources so she could research it for herself. I didn’t preach. I merely shared the knowledge that I had and encouraged her to do her own research and speak to those who have trained in this field (like the trainers at the gym).

I think I learned the biggest lesson that evening. I think people see me at the gym and snicker to themselves “what does she think she’s doing?” and various other comments. The reality is different though and I learnt that thanks to this young lady. Most people do their thing, see someone else training and then carry on about their business. The fears that we have are self imposed. The ‘what must they be thinking’ scenarios are usually figments of our imagination. We carry these voices with us so often wherever we go. I know I definitely do. Still working on how to stop them. Think I’ll be practising my ‘You got this’ affirmations in the mirror every day ☺

Thanks for reading x

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