Post holiday weight loss

I love going home (South Africa) for holidays. Family, friends, sun, mountains…it’s the perfect holiday recipe. Our recent trip saw me adding 5kg in just 3 weeks. Crazy, right? It’s a combination (I think) of a slow metabolism and insulin resistance AND ALL THAT YUMMY FOOD.

We ate out a lot. That needn’t be an excuse but what we ate matters. Most meals out were accompanied by a double thick chocolate milkshake. That’ll do it!


So I’m writing this post 4 days after getting back and I’ve lost 2kg so far. I’m following a similar eating plan to before we went on holiday, which was a keto diet. This time I am following the plan of Dr Tim Noakes as laid out in his book The Real Meal Revolution. High fat, medium protein, low carb. This works for me.

Up until a few months ago, I was pescatarian. Having not eaten meat in 6 years, when my daughter started having solids, I decided that I’d like her to eat meat and leave decisions about vegetarianism, etc to her when she’s older. Eating meat makes it a lot easier to eat high fat, low carb or Banting as it’s referred to in The Real Meal Revolution.

So what was I eating in South Africa that I’m not eating now? Where do I begin? Here goes: biscuits, crackers, ice cream, milkshakes, crisps, bread, potatoes, chocolates, fries, burgers. Crap, basically. Oh but did it taste good. The funny thing is that now that we’re back and eating ‘normally’ (for us), I don’t miss all of that stuff.

Those who follow popular belief around nutrition and what makes us fat may be horrified to see that I cook chicken with the skin on, buy regular and not extra lean mince, snack on nuts, eat full fat cheese and Greek yogurt and eat lots of eggs and avocados.


There is so much misinformation out there. So many new findings relating to EVERYTHING that it’s hard to keep up. Even the people we rely on for advice can’t keep up with everything. I asked the doctor about supplementing with a raw, vegan protein shake since I lift weights regularly and she wanted me again it because they all contain steroids! REALLY??? Haha!

Anyway, so I have 3 more kg’s to go and then I’m back on track. What a pain though to back track like that! I will say this though…I loved the holiday and the food was great. I know I’ll lose the weight and more. I’VE GOT THIS!

Thanks for reading x


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