Challenge 1 – Day 29 & 30

Hello there! So I haven’t posted about the last 2 days of the challenges…yet. A couple of reasons why, but on a side note, I’d like to say that I did in fact complete the challenge. YAY!!! I got there in the end. It wasn’t easy but it was doable – and that’s the point. The fact that it was a challenge and that I was holding myself accountable to it by putting it out there in the public domain made it important, gave it priority.

Umm, ok, so the reason why I haven’t posted these last 2 days are: 1. I fell asleep meditating on day 29 and 2. I fell asleep meditating on day 30.


I’ll cover both days for each of the challenges to make things a little easier to write follow…

Meditation…on day 29 I did a guided meditation from Meditation Oasis called ‘Stillness, Stability and Balance’. I think I must have put it on a loop but I was gone by the time the first one finished. This meditation is good for focusing when things get a little busy – exactly how I’ve felt these last few days. I business of work is getting a bit overwhelming and I have to keep remembering that this is the countdown – just a few days left.

On day 30 (yesterday) I did another guided meditation called ‘Simply Being’ which is another one that’s good when things are getting busy as it allows you to to be more in the moment. I fell asleep again though. Falling asleep is a sign. I reckon it means that I’m…tired? I have a right to be right to be tired though – at 7 months pregnant I feel like I’ve earned the right to be tired…even at 9pm, especially with the alarm going off at 6:30am.

Exercise…day 29 I did a different workout I found on YouTube. This was another 3rd trimester workout and it was pretty good except that our internet connection was dodgy so it kept buffering which was pretty annoying. On day 30 my biceps were hurting so much – must have been that extra weight I added in Sunday’s Body Pump class. With that in mind, I thought that a stretch workout would be good so I did this one.

So, 30 days later, having meditated and worked out each day all I can say is I feel goooood! In the past I have found excuses to not do these 2 things and yet I’ve proven to myself that there is time. There’s always time to do the things that matter – they just have to matter enough.

In fact, The Special One sums up the lessons of the 30 day challenge more eloquently that I think I will so I’ll let you read it here (and since he’s already written it, why would I tire out my fingers repeating what he’s already put down?).

I am very proud of us and what we’ve achieved over these last 30 days. I wonder what the next challenge will be (and when it will start). I wonder what I will write about tomorrow?

Thanks for reading x



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