Challenge 1 – Day 28

It’s 21:23 as I sit in bed and write this post on my phone. It was my intention to be in bed at 21h so I think I’m not doing toooooo bad.


Today was a good day…that seems to be the theme of these posts πŸ˜€ This morning I woke up and got ready to go to pregnancy yoga. It was a very active season with a lot of focus on breathing through contractions or surges as they’re known in Hypnobirthing speak. Having never given birth before, this practice does make me think believe that this is going to be manageable and definitely joyous. After pregnancy yoga I went to the gym for Body Pump. Grace wasn’t taking the class today which was disappointing. I wanted to say goodbye since this was my last class as we’re moving on Friday. I’ll still try and get in touch with her…social media to the rescue! With the morning taken over by exercise, it was time to cook Sunday lunch. We are trying to get through all the food in the freezer (it’s only a small freezer) before we move. A fully loaded (healthy) veggie pie was on the menu for today. Yum! It was so good we had it for lunch and dinner and there’s still more for tomorrow. Good times. With the move impending, we’ve set ourselves a somewhat strict to do list and first on my agenda was to finish some work that I hadn’t gotten through on Friday. Once that was completed, next on the list was Hypnobirthing practice. The Special One and I moved to the lounge to practice some of our relaxation techniques. We’ve been a little slack in doing these so are now committed to doing it as part of a daily practice. Final challenge to complete for the day…meditation. This I did in the bath. Yes, that’s right. I relaxed into a bath of Epsom salts and relaxing bath oil and did a ‘trust’ guided meditation, another one from Meditation Oasis. I did this one a week or so ago (may have been more recent but I can’t remember). I thought about why I chose this one again. I think it’s to affirm and reassure myself that I just need to trust in life, God, my baby and my body to do what needs to be done and bring our baby to us. And that brings me here. In bed, writing this post, listening to Deva Premal and feeling great. I’ll see you on day 29. Thanks for reading x


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