Challenge 1 – Day 27

Only 3 days left. Wow, I can’t believe how quickly time goes. Today was good and very productive.


We slept until the sun shone into the bedroom and then continued to chill in bed despite having a pretty long to do list for today. I love mornings like that. Eventually we got up to start the day which consisted of washing clothes, packing for our move next week and clearing out our filing cabinet. We will be leaving this place with way less paperwork than we arrived with…happy days. The gym closes at 6pm on Saturdays so we just managed to fit in a 30 minute workout. I did a random program on the treadmill…burnt some calories and got the heart rate up a bit. For the meditation I chose an ‘intuitive self healing meditation’ from Meditation Oasis. The quiet time that I was looking forward to was interrupted by fits of coughing and interspersed with some sneezing. Not exactly how I would have liked my meditation for the day to go. But…it is what it is and I can’t change it. I’m really tired now! Time for bed and fingers crossed the coughing is finished for today. Thanks for reading x


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