Challenge 1 – Day 25

time to meditate

I didn’t have the best night’s sleep yesterday and was awake at about 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep as I was coughing too much. I came downstairs to make some lemon and honey water to help soothe my chest and then ended up just surfing the internet for a bit and playing phone scrabble with my brother in law who also happened to be awake at the time. Eventually I went back to sleep after 5am and reset my alarm for 7am as I had to go to Bristol which is about 2 hours drive away. Although I was tired when I left home, I was feeling positive and in the mindset that a night of broken sleep will not determine what the rest of my day will be like. The drive was longer than expected – periods of heavy rainfall slowed traffic down and I needed to make a couple ofΒ pit stopsΒ just to stretch as I feel uncomfortable after sitting in the car after an hour or so. I guess it’s also good for baby that I get out and stretch a bit.

It’s been a good few days since I’ve been to the gym and when I got home I went straight upstairs and lay down hoping for a quick nap before The Special One got home. That was wishful thinking as he came home about 15 minutes later. We chatted for a bit and then headed to the gym – it was pretty late by then – around 8.40pm. I did a cross country program on the treadmill and worked up a little sweat. I have plans for tomorrow evening so will need to plan my workout either for the morning or early evening. Can’t miss that workout!

It was already late when we got home from the gym and still needed to have dinner – a quick egg sandwich. Dinner followed by a meditation. [I’m sure that there’s a book somewhere that says meditation should not happen so soon after a meal. Thankfully, I don’t own that book] I decided to do the Present Moment Awareness guided meditation from Meditation Oasis. I’m so glad I found these podcasts a few years ago. They have become a part of my spiritual evolution. It’s a pretty short meditation – but it’s quality, not quantity that matters. At least that’s what I’m telling myself considering I only meditated for 10 minutes.

5 days to go on this 30 day challenge. I feel very good about how it’s been going so far. To coin a corny phrase used at the end of a colleague’s every email…Onwards and Upwards!

Thanks for reading x


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