Challenge 1 – Day 24

Today was a good day. That’s all that needs to be said about it so I’ll get straight to the challenges…

Gym/workout…I had booked to do an aqua class this evening but then a message from the gym appeared on Facebook saying that aqua was cancelled tonight and tomorrow morning – boo! I ‘umm’d and ‘ah’d about going/not going to the gym and then decided to look for a workout to do at home. I ended up finding a 25 minute stretch/relaxation video which I did and boy did I need that. I tend to only really get my stretch on at yoga on a Sunday so things do get a bit tight. At the rate that baby’s moving about I think all that stretching is appreciated πŸ™‚


Meditation…I actually meditated first before the workout so that The Special One could do his workout first. Sitting on our bed, I just closed my eyes and went with what came. (So much for setting my intention…or is that intention enough? Just letting things be) All I felt like doing was bonding/being with baby…so that’s what I did. Then that naturally led to me doing some Reiki. I really think that this little baby knows what’s going on and responds to it. I wonder if Reiki will feel natural to baby outside of the womb considering we’re doing it pretty regularly now? Time will tell.

I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow so need to get a good night’s rest. I have planned some stops along the way though to stretch my legs and of course get a comfort break. I’ve been driving a lot this week and I think that it may be contributing to this feeling of slowing down that I’m experiencing but I can’t be sure. I’ll definitely try and do less driving next week.

Thanks for reading x

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