Challenge 1 – Day 23

The day started with one of the motorways that I use on my journey being shut which meant a few detours and an extra hour in the car. That didn’t affect the rest of my day though which was pretty cool. My last meeting of the day finished late which meant no gym as I had preggie group to attend. I didn’t mind that the meeting ran over…I was presented with a gift for baby and flowers for myself from the team…so sweet 🙂 I refuse to let one thing going ‘wrong’/not according to plan affect the rest of my day.

I did one of my 30 minute resistance workouts at home, had a quick bite to eat and then rushed to the local pregnancy group. I was the only person to turn up! It was the first one at this centre so clearly word hasn’t got around yet. Had a chat with the midwife, asked her to check which way baby was laying which she did and then we called it a night. Again, I didn’t mind too much as it meant more time with The Special One.

The guided meditations from Meditation Oasis seemed appealing tonight and I chose one on trust. Trust in yourself is what it’s about…not sure why I chose it but it’s the one I was drawn towards. I will make sure that tomorrow I do some Reiki though…I think baby and I could do with a boost.

Only 7 days left of the first 30 day challenge! Only 18 days left of work and negotiating traffic! Only 2 months until we meet our baby! So much to look forward to!

Life is good.

Thanks for reading x


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