Challenge 1 – Day 22

Oh boy am I tired! I nearly fell asleep while meditating. This post if going to be short and sweet so that I don’t fall asleep writing it.

Workout: it was nearly 8pm when I got back from work but I really wanted to go to the gym. The only thing holding me back was the time. Some encouraging words from The Special One got me out the door and onto the treadmill. I thought it was quite funny that I was walking at a faster speed than the girl next to me who was jogging…ah well…I’m not here to judge her.

Meditation: selected a guided meditation on healing tonight as I feel a little poorly and feeling some discomfort in the pelvic girdle area. Some healing is just what I need and although Reiki would have been a good plan for tonight, I was just too tired for it so the guided meditation was the better option.

I need to sleep! Four weeks and counting until I finish work…I am really looking forward to it!

Thanks for reading x


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