Challenge 1 – Day 21

Week 3 is done! Yeah baby 🙂 It’s been a great day and I’m writing this post pretty early (compared to some of the recent ones) which means that I’ll get to bed at a reasonable time in preparation for the week ahead. [p.s. only 4 weeks of work left]

So this morning started with pregnancy yoga at the local community centre. I really do enjoy these classes as the teacher is a trained midwife and very pro active birth. Each yoga class is an ante-natal lesson and I learn loads while I’m there. She can be a bit of a taskmaster but labour isn’t a walk in the park and so these classes prepare us for our finest hour. 1.5 hours after walking into the class, I am buzzing with endorphins and ready to head to the gym for my next fitness fix…Body Pump.

Ah I do love me some Body Pump – there’s a link to read more about it in this post. I added some weight on to the back track – Grace, the instructor, wasn’t keen but she knows that I won’t push myself and so trusted me to say if it was too much. I was fine 🙂 I am loving the squat track as well! I squatted the shizzle out of that track. I have it a bit easier because I don’t use weights but then I am 7 months into my pregnancy so I am pretty proud of myself with each class/workout that I do.

After the gym I got home and cooked up a storm. Yummolicious (yeah that’s a real word that I just made up). Salmon side + roast potatoes (Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal style) + sautéed courgettes. Hmmm…it was good…both times. So I had it for lunch and dinner – it was a big piece of salmon.

I did a bit of internet surfing, catching up on what’s happening on Facebook, checking out a few natural birthing type websites, watched this video, and did some work in preparation for tomorrow. Then it was nap time. The Special One was out for a bit of the afternoon attending a Daddy class at the hospital – sweet, right? About an hour and a half later I woke up when the door opened and he was back home – happy days. We chilled, chatted, he ate, I distracted him while he wrote a post, I watched some more videos and then it was time for the second of my 2 challenges…meditation.

Just throwing this in – from my favourite book ‘The Prophet’

I alternate where I meditate – doesn’t have to be in the same place each time so today I was in the lounge. I started by sitting on the sofa (cross legged as I am trying to encourage baby to move into a head down position) but that position wasn’t working for me and so I ended up on the floor. I think both of us felt it was a good move. [Side note – I don’t believe that meditation has to be done sitting cross legged as we are sometimes led to think from pictures, etc.]

Today’s meditation was just me and baby sitting in silence. Thoughts came and went. I did think that I should it would be useful to set an intention at the beginning of the meditation to help with the focus. Of course this came to me close to the end but I think that the intention was there all along – being with and connecting with baby.

It seems that I naturally flow into a Reiki session after a (non-guided) meditation. This is great though because I was beating myself up (not literally) about not doing Reiki as much as I should would like to. [I’m making the point of removing ‘should’ from my vocabulary] We both enjoy the Reiki and I can definitely see it becoming something that I do with baby regularly.

So that’s a wrap. Bring on the last 9 days of the challenge! One day at a time…of course. I’m off to read The Special One’s post before I go to bed (I might have to go and howl at the moon first though).

Have a good week.

Thanks for reading x

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