Challenge 1 -Day 20

Chilling on a Saturday night with only 10 days left of the 30 day challenge. The 2 challenges that I set myself…working out and meditating daily are going pretty well.

Here’s what today brought…

I had a chiropractor appointment this morning and am not meant to do any exercise on the day of the treatment. So when I got back The Special One and I had a nap and then he made us lunch. After that it was time for some housework…hung out the washing, packed away the clean clothes, packed all the clothes away that I’m not going to wear for a while, packed baby’s clothes in a suitcase ready for when we move in a couple of weeks. So that was my workout for the day. Bit of a stretch, I know but I was pretty active and that’s the best I can offer for today. Tomorrow is pregnancy yoga and pump at the gym…that should make up for today 🙂

I chose to do a guided meditation called ‘Accessing Intuition’ from Meditation Oasis. The cool thing about them is that there are so many meditations to choose from and there’s always one that I’m drawn to. After the meditation, baby and I had some bonding time while I did Reiki…the intention is self-healing but it feels like bonding.

Bring on tomorrow.

Thanks for reading x


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