Challenge 1 – Day 19

Hello Weekend! What a week it’s been. Pretty hectic over here with fitting in the challenges and working and living life and slight sleep deprivation. Β We made it – smiling. Yay us πŸ™‚

I had a very good visit at the midwife today. She’s pleased with everything – bump measurement, blood pressure, etc. We got to hear baby’s heartbeat again which is always soooo special. The Special One usually comes with me but had to be at work today so I called him while I was at the midwife so he could hear everything. No reason why he can’t be involved – even from miles away, right?

Sleep wasn’t great last night and so this morning I was tired and thankfully had set the alarm for later than normal since I knew I’d be working from home. I could have just kept sleeping but there was work to be done. By about 4pm, I was struggling to keep my eyes open and ended up going to have a nap at around 5pm. I only woke up when The Special One got in after 7pm – a well needed and deserved rest.

I started meditating after 8pm when The Special One went to the gym. I meditated for a while and then did Reiki self-healing. I think baby really likes the Reiki and should do it more often. I should probably be doing it daily – we’ll get there. Perhaps that’s the next challenge?

After the meditation and Reiki I decided to do the Colleen Riddle third trimester workout video I found on You Tube. I’ll be back in the gym on Sunday for pump. I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow and he recommends just walking on the day of a treatment – I fancy a walk in the park but if that’s not possible then I may just go to the gym instead.



The 30 day challenge of working out and meditating daily seem to be going well and are definitely contributing to my overall wellbeing. I can see it continuing after the 30 days are completed. I’m not going to even start thinking about the next challenge – live in the present moment, right?

Thanks for reading x



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