Challenge 1 – Day 17

I’m having dinner as I write this post in order to save time so that I can get to bed at a decent hour. It’s been a pretty exhausting day comprising of 4 meetings – all of them productive though πŸ™‚

So last night the intention was to get up at 6h15 to go to the gym. This morning at 6h15 I woke up…and then reset the alarm to go off at 7h30 in order to get some more sleep before heading off the the meetings. Sleep just seemed more important at that moment.

I worked in London today so The Special One and I met at the station and travelled home together – good times. Once in, I had chilled for a bit and then started the Pilates workout DVD that I found online. I finished the ‘Standing Workout’ and was almost done with the ‘Core Workout’ when I started experiencing a strange discomfort behind my eyes. Now my eyes had been bothering me all day – so much so that I ended up buying eye drops (which I haven’t actually used yet) but this particular sensation was different. It was causing my head to hurt a little as well. I wonder if it was the particular exercise that I was doing where my head was lower than the rest of my body – perhaps linked to my blood pressure that’s pretty low? I’m not sure but at that point I stopped doing the workout and started to meditate.


Considering the state of my head and the discomfort I was feeling, I decided to do a Meditation Oasis guided meditation. I chose the gratitude meditation – I know I’ve done it recently but it’s the one I was drawn to and so it’s the one I selected. There was no need to get all intellectual about it – just go with what felt right – right?

It was always going to be the right choice. The meditation invites you to count your blessings – I don’t have to be asked twice. She (Mary Maddux – the voice of Meditation Oasis) invites you to let things/people/situations come to mind for which you are grateful. It’s like someone opened a tap full blast and things and people just kept coming to mind. It felt like my consciousness expanded beyond what I’ve felt in a long time. I have so many people in my life to be grateful for, so many situations and so may things that make life wonderful. My cup really runneth over.

Right now I feel very…how shall I put it…breathe in and ‘aaaaahhhhhhhhh’.

Thanks for reading x


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